IQBox surprise Mechanics, Mekaniska pussel, kluriga pussel
Hanayama News Mechanical Puzzle IQBox surprise Mechanics
IQBox surprise Mechanics, mekaniska pussel
Mekaniska pussel, knep och knåp. Kluriga pussel
Hanayama Note IQBox. Kluriga pussel

The IQBox

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Challenge yourself with an exciting new mechanical puzzle every month with IQBox puzzle subscription box.

Every month you will receive a new and exciting mechanical puzzle of varying difficulty. The puzzles are of the make Hanayama, famous for the high quality. Solving these brain teaser puzzles is a great way to keep an active mind and have fun at the same time.
Whether you solve the puzzles on your commute, on a Friday night or at work it will help developing your problem solving skills. 

This puzzle subscription box will keep you engaged for hours!
Select from multiple subscription options and save for a even greater value. 

We ship the puzzles around the 10th every month.

Cancel your IQBox at any time, no risk! 

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