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    Choose the perfect monthly puzzle box subscription to fit your preferences. We provide two options: IQBox Gift, a one-time prepaid subscription that won't auto-renew, and The IQBox an option that automatically renews for your uninterrupted puzzling pleasure.

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    Discover the joy of monthly puzzles delivered right to your doorstep. Each puzzle is carefully curated and shipped around the 10th of every month.

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    Freedom is yours. You can cancel your brain teaser subscription at any time. No strings attached, just puzzles on your terms.

IQBox Surprise Mechanics


Whether you're a natural-born problem solver or just delight in watching your friends grapple with perplexing puzzles, IQBox is your go-to destination!

IQBox is more than just a brain teaser subscription; it's a testament to our passion as a small, family-run business based in Sweden since 2018. We're committed to delivering high-quality, brain-challenging experiences that keep your mind agile and entertained. Think of it as a personalized gym membership for your brain, offering a unique and engaging way to exercise your mental muscles.

Join the IQBox community, and experience the difference that comes with our dedication to quality, creativity, and a touch of Swedish charm. Elevate your thinking game with IQBox today!

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