Collection: Puzzle subscription boxes

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of puzzles with IQBox Puzzle Subscription Box. Every month, we deliver a curated assortment of thought-provoking puzzles and challenges to your doorstep, offering a stimulating mental workout. Our puzzles vary in difficulty but are consistently of the highest quality, promising hours of entertainment and cognitive growth. And, with the freedom to cancel at any time, our subscription puts you in the driver's seat. Join IQBox today to embark on a journey that unlocks your inner puzzle-solving genius.

  • Select your IQBox

    Choose the perfect monthly puzzle box subscription to fit your preferences. We provide two options: IQBox Gift, a one-time prepaid subscription that won't auto-renew, and The IQBox an option that automatically renews for your uninterrupted puzzling pleasure.

  • We ship your puzzle on the 10th.

    Discover the joy of monthly puzzles delivered right to your doorstep. Each puzzle is carefully curated and shipped around the 10th of every month.

  • Cancel at any time!

    Freedom is yours. You can cancel your brain teaser subscription at any time. No strings attached, just puzzles on your terms.